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Through non-verbal communication, people can take a conclusion mengenainsuatu persaan conclusions about various kinds of people, good pleasure, hate, love, miss and various other emotions. Relation to the business world, non-verbal communication can help communicators to further reinforce the message delivered at the same time understand the communicant reaction when receiving a message.

Forms of non-verbal communication alone among them is, gestures, facial expressions, password, symbols, clothing sergam, color and tone of voice.

The purpose komunikais non-verbal;

1.   Provide / give information

2.   Regulate the flow of a conversation

3.   Expressing an emotion

4.   Giving nature, complete, oppose or mengembangkankan messages   verbal.

5.   Control or persuade others

6.   Facilitate specific tasks, for example in teaching someone to serve badminto n, learned to a golf r and the like.

D.   Ethics in the air

Ethics broadcast news:

a)   Avoid mentioning the name and identity

Professionalization in reporting indicated by the rules or adab-adab to be followed in reporting their reporters in the field of law. Ordinary people who do not understand the culture-adab in journalistic practices and matters of law and justice, would be confused when reading the various media that his attitude is not the same in the name and identity of the offender in the news police forces or court.


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